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Sahara Song black and white
Sahara Song black and white

Sahara Song black and white

Nadia Attura
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Warm toned sands of the Sahara desert. 

Artists original photograph.

Fine Art photographic print, professionally printed on fine art Giclee cotton 308 gsm gallery paper using archival pigment ink. Signed, numbered with certificate of authenticity.

Available as prints and framed:

Print size 45x45cm on 51x51cm paper,

Framed 45x45cm print in 52x52cm white frame,

Print size 65cm x 65cm on 71cm x 71cm paper,

Framed 65cm x 65cm print in 72cm x 72cm white frame,

Print size 83cm x 83cm on 91cm x 91cm paper,

Framed 83cm x 83cm print in 93cm x 93cm white frame, 



Please contact us if you require a bespoke size or prefer the artwork on Aluminium or framed with a bespoke colour frame.